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Zoo Pistoia

  • Pistoia Zoo

    Der Zoo von Pistoia beheimatet mehr als 400 Tiere, darunter Giraffen, Jaguare, Eisbären und verschiedene Vögel und Reptilien. Als eine der wichtigsten zoologischen Institutionen in Italien ist es die Aufgabe des Zoos, den Schutz und die Achtung der Tiere in aller Welt zu verbreiten.
    Web: www.zoodipistoia.it

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Searching for truffles

Searching for truffles in Tuscany with an expert truffles hunter: it’s a special experience which allows you to discover how nature can offer hidden treasures….
The truffles hunter, with his dog along, will teach you the techniques to find a truffle enough to make you so enthusiast of your choice!!
And after the search…let’s go and taste a good truffle dinner!!
Enjoy the Tuscan recipes: delights for the palate!

ab 169 Euro

David and the highlights of Florence

If you have only seen the David in photos, and you also want to enjoy the city and learn this is the tour for you! Don't worry, this will not be an art lesson! You will learn and enjoy!At the Accademia , while standing at the feet of David I will tell you the AMAZING story of the statue, the secrets behind it and the history of its creator, the great Michelangelo Buonarroti. When you see the sculptures at the Hall of Prisoners, you will appreciate the unfinished "slaves". The walking tour is designed for first time visitors. We will start at Piazza Duomo, you’ll get an introduction into how Florence became a powerful city. We will walk through the medieval streets of Florence discovering fantastic places. We will explore the typical tiny Florentine streets and ancient tower-houses. We will enjoy the open museum that this city is! We will walk through the same streets where the Medici’s, and Michelangelo, Donatello, Machiavelli and Dante among others walked as well- how exciting!

ab 250 Euro

2-Hours Walking Tour in Florence

On this 2-hours walking tour of Florence, you can choose to either see the “must-see” highlights, such as the Duomo and Ponte Vecchio, or to choose to discover the most popular florentine area called "Oltrarno"

ab 75 Euro

Statue of David & Accademia fast track tickets

By booking in advance the entrance ticket, you can avoid the long lines on your visit to one of the most popular museum in the World: Accademia Gallery, host of Michelangelos David.
This reserved ticket, will give you access to the fastest track available at the museum.
Escape the hassle and explore the museum at your own pace. See the imposing statue of a young hero, which became the symbol of the Republic of Florence.
This museum displays other important sculptures by Michelangelo, such as I Prigioni (Slaves) and San Matteo (St Matthew), together with an interesting collection of religious paintings and panels.
A special section of the Accademia gallery is dedicated to the musical instruments, showing an original Stradivari's viola belonged to one of the Medici's member, the Prince Ferdinando, Grand Duke of Tuscany.

ab 24 Euro