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Ferrali Wedding Planner

  • Ferrali Wedding Planner

    Mit ihrer über 20 jährigen Erfahrung in der Organisation von Hochzeiten in der Toskana sind die Ferrali Hochzeitsplaner stolz darauf, Ihren besonderen Tag zu einem wirklich einzigartigen Erlebnis werden zu lassen. Sie arbeiten eng mit Ihnen zusammen (auf Englisch oder Italienisch) und werden diesen Tag für Sie maßgeschneidert mit Kreativität und Perfektion gestalten. Sie kümmern sich um jedes einzelne Detail – vom Fotoshooting vor der Hochzeit bis zum Baby-Sitter Service für Ihre jüngsten Gäste.
    Die passende Location ist einer der wichtigsten Aspekte jeder Hochzeit und diese toskanischen Hochzeitsplaner können Ihnen helfen, den passenden Ort in dieser an zauberhaften Plätzen reichen Region auszuwählen, von alten Klöstern und Mühlen bis zu den wunderbaren Sandstränden. Gepaart mit den besten toskanischen Weinen und Speisen stellen sie sicher, dass Ihre Hochzeit einfach wirklich perfekt ist.

    Adresse: Via Giacomo Matteotti 104, 51018 Pieve a Nievole, Pistoia
    Tel: +39 340 6664483
    Web: www.ferraliweddingplanner.com

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Montalcino Wine and Romance Small Group Day Tour from Florence Including Lunch

Revel in Tuscany’s wine country and hilltop towns on this small-group day trip from Florence. Traveling by luxury minivan with an expert driver/tour escort, explore the idyllic town of Montepulciano and sample its vino di nobile wines at an old wine cellar. Next, stop at a winery near Montalcino for a 3-course lunch including starter, pasta dish, dessert, served with three local, Brunello di Montalcino wines. Finish with the visit of Pienza , one of Tuscany’s hidden gems. Enjoy a personalized experience on this small-group tour, limited to eight people.

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In two hours explore some of the most famous sites in the ancient city of Florence while learning about the mysteries of its past. We will visit, the old center of the city, where the most interesting secrets of Florence are hidden.
Explore some of the most famous sites in the ancient city of Florence while learning about the mysteries of its past. We will visit the old center of the city, where the most interesting secrets of Florence are hidden. Then, this walking tour is perfect for those who do not settle for the typical guided tour that only tells part of the story. With two hours accompanied by our expert guide, you will have satiated all your curiosity and you will see the city with different eyes.

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Best of Cinque Terre Day Trip with Typical Lunch

Riomaggiore, Manarola, Vernazza and Monterosso.
Walking from village to village admiring the cultivated terraces and the pastel coloured villages hovering between the sky and the sea: this is the best and only way to experience the unique magic of the Cinque Terre!
Languages availability: English and Spanish - every day; German on Friday; Italian on Saturday and Sunday; French on Sunday; Portuguese on Monday

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Florence & Michelangelo Game tour - Art Treasure Hunt - Family Tour

Safari d’Arte – Game Tour are original guided tours in which culture, entertainment and technology are combined.
Activity Leaders lead Safari d’Arte- Game Tour supported by an interactive smartphone application that provides a map, the clues and a quiz so that the players can challenge themselves.
With Safari d’arte Michelangelo and Florence Game Tour we will follow Michelangelo’s trail in Florence, the places he lived and studied. Then we will discover the people and the locations that inspired him,one of the most worldwide appreciated artists, by carefully looking at his artworks and by building a great storytelling about this amazing artist. We will discover who was his biggest rival. With this tour we will discover the most important city in the renaissance age.

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