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Foodie Blogger Competition 2011

  • Foodie Blogger Competition

    The To Tuscany Foodie Blogger Competition - #TTFBC

    Enter our foodie blogger competition to win a week in a Tuscany villa!

    How to enter:
    1. Create your own Tuscan inspired recipe which includes these 3 key ingredients:
    (Olive oil, tomatoes & parmesan cheese)

    2. Post a picture/video/written paragraph and the recipe on your blog with the opening line:
    "I want to win a week in a Tuscany villa!" (You’ll need to include this link as a hyper-link within the words 'Tuscany villa' as we have done above. We'll be using this link to track entries!)

    3. Email and include:
    - A link to your blog post with your entry
    - A picture of your entry no bigger than 1MB - (an image is optional but will help showcase how yummy your dish is!)
    - A short paragraph about your entry and the name of the dish
    - Your contact details: (full name, address and phone number)

    Top Prize:
    The winner of the competition will receive a week's stay in a villa in Tuscany, which sleeps up to 3 people, plus £150 towards flights.

    Prize Draw:
    Each entrant will also be entered in a random prize draw with the chance to win a bottle of Tuscan olive oil and a Tuscan cookery book. There will be 10 prizes up for grabs and each entrant has a chance to win a prize!

    The emailed entries will be uploaded to this page where the public can vote for their favourite entry. The 3 entries with the most votes on Monday 15th August 2011 will go into the final round which will be judged by Nico Atrigna, the chef of Siena's finest restaurant, Osteria Le Logge in Siena, Tuscany.

    The final entries will be marked on 4 categories:

    - Presentation
    - Tuscan authenticity
    - Creativity and innovation
    - Cooking expertise

    The competition is open to anyone with a blog and closes at midnight  on Monday 15th August 2011. Winners of the competition and the prize draws will be notified by Friday 19th August 2011. Late, incomplete or non-linking entries will not be accepted.

    The full terms and conditions can be read here. For any other enquiries, please contact

  • Baked Fish with a Tuscan Twist!

    Baked Fish with a Tuscan Twist
    By Patricia Owen at

    "The dish never turns out exactly the same each time as I change the type of fish and the amount and type of grilled cheese to suit who I am cooking for. One thing that stays constant though - everyone appreciates it and many ask for the recipe!"

    Click here for full details

      44 votes


  • Nude noodle

    Nude noodle
    aleksandra seghi

    The dish is based on the traditional "Gnudi alla fiorentina", circular dumplings floating in tomato sauce and pesto sauce spotted. Gnudi are naked, because they are only done with stuffing for ravioli, there is no pasta in the recipe. My recipe is called then the "nude noodle."

    Click here for full details

      134 votes

  • The Parmesan Basket

    The Parmesan Basket

    by Fiona Maclean at

    The parmesan basket was a bit of an experiment. I wanted to make a 'lighter' antipasti than bruschetta, but didn't just want to arrange things on a plate. I'm really pleased with the baskets and will try using different fillings (I suspect mozzerella and tomatoes would be nice for example. Whilst I know this isn't classic Italian cooking, the modifications are to suit an English climate (our tomatoes never have the sweetness and depth of flavour you get in sunnier parts of Europe) and a modern palate.

    Click here for full details 81 votes


  • My Favourite Tuscan Chicken

    My Favourite Tuscan Chicken

    by Victoria Ah Har Ashley at

    This is my family's favourite Tuscan chicken too. The recipe was given to me by an Italian friend whom I met while I was on holiday in Tuscany. I often cook this dish at home to remind me of the happy time I had. The chicken is cooked slowly in a rich tomato, herb and wine sauce. It aso has the add aroma of the melted parmesan cheese.

    Click here for full details 22 votes


  • Ravioli Nudi

    Ravioli Nudi

    by Selina Chooramun at

    I have created this fresh and summery take on a Ravioli Nudi or ‘Gnudi’ as they would call it which comes from the tuscan dialect gnudo.This dish makes for a flavoursome supper, you can choose to have it vegetarian or add some chopped cooked pancetta on the top, this would add some extra saltiness to cut through the soft cheese. These little dumpling textured balls have such a gooey creamy inside and the vibrant sweet tang of fresh tomato sauce really compliments them. Its best eaten as soon as its out of the oven and can be served with a fresh seasonal green salad!

    Click here for full details 67 votes


  • Rosemary's Layered Tuscan Polenta

    Rosemary's Layered Tuscan Polenta

    by Rosemary Rolls at

    The dish looks impressive but in reality is simple to prepare and has a great robust flavour. Both the mushroom and tomato/pepper based layers have an intense taste which compliments perfectly the creamy polenta and the crisp ciabatta slices. As a variation of the dish we sometimes add chopped olives or use more exotic mushrooms. A little parmesan can also be added to the polenta or try adding a different combination of herbs.

    Click here for full details 55 votes


  • Spezzatino di Maiale

    Spezzatino di Maiale

    by Regula Ysewijn at

    What I wanted to do for this recipe was to create a dish that was traditionally Tuscan. I did some research, went to the farm shop, bought what was in season and came up with this recipe. I really wanted my ingredients to decide where I was going with this dish because Tuscan cooking is all about using in season, local produce. I got some lovely free range pork from a farm nearby and made up my mind to make a slow cooked pork stew with broad beans. By adding the ingredients at different stages, like the tomatoes, you slowly cook what needs to be slowly cooked and keep the tomato still sweet and tang. Slowly cooking the pork gives you a gooey, succulent stew with intense flavors. The broad beans with parmesan give the dish a lovely fresh and salty touch. I served the dish with rustic home made bread drizzled with my best Olive oil, it doesn't need anything else.

    Click here for full details 31 votes


  • Sausage, Fennel Seed and Tomato Crostini

    Sausage, Fennel Seed and Tomato Crostini

    by Ren Behan at

    My entry was inspired by a visit to my favourite local Italian delicatessen and memories of a visit to Florence with my sister. Italians often use sausage meat, for example, in a ragù or meat-based sauce and using fennel seeds is also typically Tuscan. I love eating crostini and expeimenting with different toppings. In this case, the sausage flavoured with fennel is boosted with onions and fresh garlic and cooked in the finest Tuscan olive oil. It is then further flavoured with Italian plum tomatoes, fresh Parmesan and basil at the end. This is the perfect summer's afternoon snack, served, of course, with a fine bottle of Tuscan wine.

    Click here for full details 24 votes


  • Creamy Seafood Potato Bake

    Creamy Seafood Potato Bake

    by Dr Christopher Ashley at

    I like this recipe very much because it is healthy, tasty and very easy to make. Eating healthy food is always mynumber one priority I often make this for friends and family. They love my cooking.

    Click here for full details 6 votes


  • Polpette Piccanti

    Polpette Piccanti

    by Elisabeth Edvardsen at

    One of my favourite things to eat when growing up were homemade meatballs - a common dish in my native Norway. So when it came to making something Italian inspired, I opted for one of the first things I made when living in Italy almost ten years ago: meatballs with an Italian twist. A simple yet tasty dish, this is what I consider Tuscan cuisine to be: good, fresh ingredients that blend well to create a delicious culinary experience. And the polpette taste even better the next day!

    Click here for full details 31 votes


  • Gluten Free & Good For You Bruschetta

    Gluten Free & Good For You Bruschetta

    by Sue Willshee at

    A yummy gluten free bruschetta. The recipe doesn't follow the traditional bruschetta recipes because I'm coeliac and can't have anything containing gluten, but it has little adaptations that make it my own. I hope you like it :-)

    Click here for full details 2 votes

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