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  • Einkaufen

    Unterhalb des alten Zentrums findet man einen kleinen Coop-Supermarkt.
    Adresse: Viale Della Conca D'Oro 103
    50020 Panzano in Chianti (FI)

  • Alimentari Mazzi Simone

    Ein kleines Lebensmittelgeschäft für Grundnahrungsmittel, Obst und Gemüse.
    Adresse: 19, Piazza Bucciarelli Gastone
    50022 Panzano In Chianti (FI)

  • Forno Castellacci - Bäckerei

    Hervorragende Produktauswahl und berühmt für die Cantucci von Panzano, die man unbedingt probieren muss. Hochqualitative Zutaten für alle Produkte.
    Adresse: Via Giovanni da Verrazzano, 27
    50022 Panzano In Chianti (FI)
    Web: www.cantuccionline.com

  • Antica Macelleria Cecchini - Metzgerei

    Der berühmteste und beste Metzger des Chianti-Gebiets; hochqualitative Fleischsorten, alle von einheimischen Bauernhöfen und vor Ort geschlachtet.
    Adresse: Via XX Luglio, 11,
    50022 Panzano in Chianti (FI)

  • Allgemeine Geschäfte

    Verso x Verso
    Ein Atelier, das hochqualitative, elegante, handgemachte und maßgefertigte Schuhe, Kleidung und Accessoires verkauft.
    Adresse: Via Giovanni da Verrazzano, 19
    50022 Panzano In Chianti (FI)
    Tel: +39 055 852239
    Web: www.versoxverso.com

  • Services

    Es gibt eine Monte-die-Paschi-Bank mit Geldautomat, der Kreditkarten akzeptiert.

    Via XX Luglio, 15
    50022 Panzano in Chianti (FI)

  • Medizin

    Im unteren Stadtbereich in Nähe des Coop-Supermarkts.
    Auf dem Notizbrett draußen kann man sehen, welche Apotheken in der Gegend und nach Geschäftsschluss Bereitschaftsdienst haben.

    In Nähe der Apotheke ist eine Arztpraxis. In Notfällen 118 anrufen.
    57, Viale Della Conca D'Oro - 50022 Greve In Chianti (FI)

Erleben Sie eine offizielle Toskana-Tour mit

Dining experience at a Cesarina's home in San Gimignano with show cooking

Immerse yourself in a
private dining experience at a Cesarina's home, enjoy an
exclusive show cooking and 
taste authentic recipes from
 San Gimignano treasured in family cookbooks passed down by real Italian Mammas. Feel the warmth of Italian hospitality as you connect with local people.
Enjoy a
4-course menu including starter, pasta, main course with side dish, dessert with 
drinks included (water, selection of red and white wines from regional cellars and coffee). At the end of the experience, take this your souvenir back home: the official Cesarine
apron and shopping bag.

ab 85 Euro

Private Tour - San Lorenzo and the Medici Chapels

Enjoy with us the discovery of the Medici family, just visiting two places where their memory is still alive.
San Lorenzo church is where the Genius of Brunelleschi and Donatello met and left an incredible proof of skill and Renaissance art. The Medici Chapels want to celebrate the glories of a long-lasting family, the Medici's, always associated with the greatness of Florence.

ab 173,33 Euro


Constanza is a true Florentine lady of noble birth. She lives in 1600 dwelling with husband Giambruno and beautiful daughter Sofia. As she is a wonderful host for dinner with traditional food our tour aims in participating in authentic Florentine family life making their favorite traditional Tuscan dishes and have dinner all together.

ab 160 Euro

Ferrari Test Drive on Florence Hills plus Wine Tour in Chianti (Tuscany) - Combo

• Ferrari Test Drive (8 km - 10 minutes)

Our fleet of cars always features the latest Ferraris. Drive one of these iconic cars with a TUTOR who will accompany you throughout the TEST DRIVE.

You will leave from Piazzale Michelangelo in Florence and drive along the beautiful roads of this world-famous city into the hills. You can decide how many kilometres you would like to cover by selecting the TEST DRIVE option which best suits your budget and schedule. Kind note: included in this tour you have 8km (10 minutes drive)

Take this emotional experience home with you by selecting the IN CAR VIDEO CAMERA option. At the end of your TEST DRIVE , you will receive a Micro SD with the in-car film of your Ferrari test drive.

ab 240 Euro