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Die Stadt Camaiore liegt in einem von Hügeln und dem nördlichen Apennin umgebenen Tal. Camaiore geht auf die Römerzeit zurück und war eines der größten Lager in Nähe der Stadt Lucca und eine wichtige Station auf der Via Cassia. Sein Name leitet sich von der Bezeichnung „Campus Maior" ab.

Dank der alten Via Francigena vergrößerte sich die Stadt im Mittelalter erheblich. Die Stadt war die siebenundzwanzigste Etappe auf der Reise des Sigerico di Canterbury und wurde vom Erzbischof von Canterbury  Campmaior genannt.

Heute kann Camaiore viele Kunstschätze herzeigen, zu denen die Stiftskirche, die Benediktiner-Abtei  St. Peter, und im Dorf Pieve di Camaiore eine Kirche, die ein hervorragendes Beispiel einer romanischen Kirche ist und auf ca. 817 n. Chr. zurückgeht, zählen.

Die Region Camaiore ist sehr attraktiv und für ihre Landschaften und kleinen mittelalterlichen Dörfer, wie  Monteggiori, Casoli, Gombitelli und Montebello bekannt. Von ihrer Hügellage bietet sich eine fantastische Aussicht aufs Meer und die umliegende Hügellandschaft, wo die Zeit scheinbar seit Jahrhunderten still steht.

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Valley of Flowers (Tuscany) - Visit the Garden of Eden, the biggest Nursery in Europe

Visit the Valley of Flowers (Tuscany): the Garden of Eden - the biggest Nursery in Europe with authentic with wine-olive oil tasting in Chianti Wine region
Since 1938 this Tuscan family company has interpreted  the cultivation of plants as a motive for constantly improving the environment.
Cultivating a plant means actively protecting a vulnerable living thing and, by preserving it from extinction, handing down a richer world to future generations. Add to this our extremely well-qualified staff, for exceptional production of ornamental plants.
"More plants, more life" is not just a slogan. It's a mission. In just a few words it expresses many of the values acquired by our company over more than 70 years of history. 
"More plants, more life" wants to remind everyone that plants are living beings whose contribution is fundamental to our quality of life.
Time to visit the famous Chianti Wine region for tasting

ab 130 Euro

Private cooking class at a Cesarina's home with tasting in San Gimignano

Immerse yourself in a
private cooking class at the Cesarina's home, 
learn the secrets of the most famous dishes of San Gimignano cuisine and taste the fruit of your labour accompanied by a glass of
local wine.
During the lesson the Cesarina will reveal the tricks of the trade of
3 authentic regional recipes. Have fun putting your cooking skills to the test. Each participant will have a
workstation equipped with utensils and all the ingredients to make the dishes. Then,
taste everything you have prepared accompanied by a selection of
red and white local wines.

ab 145 Euro

Make Your Own Wine: Combine Mixtures to Create your Perfect Wine (from Florence)

Experts will guide customers step by step, learning how to give a certain character to your very personal wine. Inside an ancient room under the '700 villa, our winemaker will describe the different characteristics of the 5 grapes sampled directly from the oak barrels.
- Private tour for couples and small groups
- Departure from an agreed meeting point or from your hotel
- Visit of the winery
- Meeting with the wine expert + Experience + Lunch
- Shipping of 12 wine bottles with custom labels
- Return to an agreed meeting point or to your hotel
- Languages: Italian and English

ab 575 Euro

Duomo, Uffizi, Accademia & Santa Croce Pass

Enjoy fast-tracked entries, and professionally guided tours of the best attractions Florence has to offer. Marvel at the Statue of David, explore Uffizi Gallery and enjoy views from the top of Brunelleschi’s Duomo without hassle.

ab 145 Euro